We aim to help blood cancer patients by diversifying the worldwide stem cell donor base. Huge task, but we’re up for it.

Swab The World was born out of the desire to empower patients from all over the world though agility, technology and media.

Swab The World was also founded by Mai Duong, a leukemia survivor, who faced the grim reality of not finding her match because of her Vietnamese background.

More than a simple recruitment platform to register donors, Swab The World aims to empower patients from all over by giving them the right tools and the right words to lead a successful recruitment campaign, be it locally or internationally.

Through our platform, those looking for a match can get the word out on stem cells, connect qualified donors to their country’s registry, and connect with others going through the same ordeal. Real people, real impact, real change.

So why this new way of doing things? And why now?

Because stem cell donation remains unknown and scares people when it shouldn’t.

It’s a relatively simple way to save another human being’s life, yet those who can make a difference (those aged 17-35) have almost never heard of it.

Because the 53 national registries (who make up the worldwide donor database) feature a vast majority of white donors.

This shines light on a major issue: It does not reflect the world population as we know it today (only 11,5% of humans are white, yet more than 70% of registered donors are white). This leaves people of “ethnic” background with a very slim chance of finding their match. Our world is as diverse as it has ever been, and it’s only going to get more diverse with time. The registries need to reflect that change.

Because those affected by a serious blood disease requiring a stem cell donation often don’t have the necessary resources to build their own effective recruitment campaign.

Swab The World gives them the tools, the right words, and redirects donors from all over the world to the correct registry. No need for a wonky webpage now: Swab The World has you covered.

Because patients often feel isolated and don’t have a global sharing community.

Swab The World offers them a platform to connect, share, love and grieve.

Because we can.

Founded by a leukemia survivor who benefited from a nationwide awareness campaign, Swab The World gives back.

What makes us different?

We’ve been there.

We know firsthand what it is not to find a match because of one’s ethnic background. We feel your pain. Literally.

We put technology in the hands of patients.

Through our platform, people awaiting a stem cell transplant can launch their own recruitment campaign, inform potential donors and redirect people from all over the world to the right registry.  

We’re not a government agency… but we have their support.

We’re leaner and bolder. We tell it like it is. And our independence allows us to back real patients in their quest for a match.

But we’re not rogue: We’re backed by government officials, scientific experts and the medical community. Without their support and teachings, Swab The World couldn’t exist.

We’ve established ongoing media partnerships.

We work in the advertising industry and have tons of contacts. This time, we’re using them to saves lives instead of selling a cool product. After all,  life is the coolest of all products.