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I hereby authorize and license Swab The World to use my (or my minor child’s, as applicable) name, image, voice, likeness, country of residence, and personal story* (my “Contributions“) in materials and activities related to raising public awareness of Swab The World’s charitable mission of increasing awareness of stem cell donation in the general public, and attracting stem cell donors to match the need of blood cancer patients without donors. I understand that Swab The World may edit or alter my Contributions, that Swab The World will make reasonable efforts to allow me to review or approve use of my Contributions before they are used by Swab The World, and that Swab The World is under no obligation to use my Contributions. Swab The World will have no liability to me with respect to the editing, alteration, or use of my Contributions, and I hereby waive all legal and equitable rights relating to any and all damages of any nature, losses and claims that may arise out of Swab The World’s use of my Contributions, provided, in each case, that Swab The World has complied.

Swab The World will own all rights, title and interest in any recordings, videos, media and works made by Swab The World that include my Contributions, and all intellectual property rights therein. Any such recordings, videos, media and works may be broadcasted via TV, online or any other medium and may be played and used in perpetuity by Swab The World. I understand that I will not receive any monetary compensation from Swab The World for the use of my Contributions under this Consent Form, and that I will not receive any reimbursement for expenses except as otherwise agreed to in writing by Swab The World.

If I should no longer wish for Swab The World to use my Contributions in its materials or activities, I will notify Swab The World in writing of such decision. Upon receipt of such notification, Swab The World will thereafter not make any new uses of my Contributions. I am advised and do understand that due to its distribution and printing practices, Swab The World may not be able to remove Contributions immediately from existing materials, but will do so as soon as is reasonably practicable following receipt of my notice. In addition, Contributions that have already been included in print materials that have been distributed cannot be recalled, and Swab The World may not be able to remove Contributions that have been posted to the internet. I hereby understand and agree to this.

I am willing to participate in and I allow Swab The World to share my personal story in Media InterviewsTV/Video productionPrint materials and Web site/internet.

*”Personal story” may include, but is not limited to, quotes, age, family names, race/ethnicity, hospital and personal website, which may be used to help promote the story of the donor/patient. We may also include city/state, school, occupation/company, diagnosis and date of diagnosis.

Faites-vous entendre

On vous comprend. Vous êtes dépassé par ce qui vous arrive. Apprendre qu’on a besoin d’une greffe de cellules souches, c’est une pilule bien difficile à avaler.

Personne ne souhaite se retrouver dans votre situation. Et pourtant, plusieurs d’entre-nous avons vécu la même chose ou le vivrons un jour. On sait combien ces nouvelles informations sur les cellules souches sont complexes. On sait aussi combien c’est difficile de faire entendre votre histoire.

Swab The World a simplifié le processus pour que vous partagiez les bonnes informations, de manière toute simple, peu importe où se trouvent vos amis.

Voici comment faire connaître votre histoire :

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  3. Partagez-la le plus souvent que vous le pouvez
  4. Préparez-vous à recevoir un tsumani d’amour et à faire exploser le nombre de donneurs inscrits.

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