Aaryan was dianosed with Very Severe Aplastic Anemia at 10 years old and needs your help to find him his life saving match!

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Aary was diagnosed at 10 years old with Very Severe Aplastic Anemia and needs your help to find him his life saving stem cell match.

After a regular routine check to the dentist, a body rash (actually petechiae)  and excessive gum bleeds, we were sent directly down to SickKids Hospital in Toronto Canada.  Aary received his first platelet transfusion that night and we were told that his blood counts were life threatening low.  After a bone marrow biopsy we were given the diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia.

Aary has battled through so much over the past 3 years –  brain hemorrhaging, retinal hemorrhaging (which has now caused permanent eye damage), anxiety ,depression, pain and suffering. Some things that not any one individual should go through, let alone a child, but he remains strong and positive and wants to beat Aplastic Anemia to the curb!

He has shown us what strength is, and that he is going to take all the bad things that has happened to him into positivity. If his journey can inspire others to register to the stem cell registry, than many patients like him can have a fighting chance.

Let’s help Aary and patients around the world fight their battles – REGISTER TO A STEM CELL REGISTRY – a simple swab of the cheek can be a life time for another.


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  • Aaryan Dinh-Ali a publié une note octobre 22, 2018

    Our lives as parents were forever changed on Friday November 13, 2015.  When everything seemed perfect and life was great, what more could be better – family and a child who was as healthy as can be.

    Aaryan was admitted to SickKids in Toronto Canada for what looked like a full body rash and extensive gum bleeds – and by the end of the evening we were admitted and he was given his very first blood product transfusion.  After several more transfusions and a bone marrow biopsy, he was diagnosed with Very Severe Aplastic Anemia – a bone marrow failure disease and we were told his best chance of a cure was through a bone marrow transplant.  Little did we know, that this was almost impossible to finding him a match due to his ancestral lineage – Genetic make up – however one wants to call it.  He is of mixed race – Afghan/Vietnamese and his best chance was to find a match within those genetic perimeters.  Aaryan ended up in the ICU a few weeks later due to brain hemorrhaging, retinal bleeds and severe low blood counts – he fought through that and Drs. had no choice but to put him through an immunosuppressant drug therapy.  We are fortunate that Aary responded and he is currently in remission.  BUT, we know that if and when he does relapse, we will need to call upon others to give him his fighting chance.

    Match4AAry was formed within a few days after his initial diagnos  and we launched worldwide to find our son his match , after adding thousands of individuals on to stem cell registries across the world, a match has still not found.

    Aary continues to beat his odds against Aplastic Anemia, but we need the kindness of strangers to open up their hearts to give hope to him and so many other patients who are waiting for that life saving match.

    Consider saving life – swab and register to a stem cell registry.

    Jenny, Ali and Aaryan




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Date de naissance

août 20, 2005

Origine ethnique Pourquoi est-ce important?

À cause de l’ADN.
Les meilleurs donneurs sont habituellement ceux qui partagent le même patrimoine génétique que le patient. C’est la seule situation dans le monde où on peut dire que la race importe vraiment.

Afghanistan, Vietnam



Diagnosis date

il y a 4 ans


Very Severe Aplastic Anemia