Lebanese-American HOPING for a perfect donor match!

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Our mom, Cally Clifton, was diagnosed with AML (secondary to Myelofibrosis) in December of 2017. Since that time, she has had a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant in May of 2018 which, unfortunately, worked for a while but did not eradicate the leukemia. Mom has spent a large part of the last year and a half in and out of hospitals and continues to fight for her life and hope for a cure.


Mom is now facing a second transplant except there still no perfect match available to her on the registry. Mom’s ethnicity is a big factor in her inability to secure a bone marrow donor. Mom is half Lebanese, and sadly the disproportionately small number of people of Lebanese and Arab descent make it especially challenging to find the perfect match that could save her life.


We are hoping, every single day, that someone will step forward that may be the match mom and our family have been waiting for and who can give mom her best possible fighting chance at LIFE. Please consider joining the bone marrow donor registry today!

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Origine ethnique Pourquoi est-ce important?

À cause de l’ADN.
Les meilleurs donneurs sont habituellement ceux qui partagent le même patrimoine génétique que le patient. C’est la seule situation dans le monde où on peut dire que la race importe vraiment.

Liban, États-Unis

Diagnosis date

il y a 1 an et 11 mois


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (secondary to Myelofibrosis)