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Mai Duong

Leukemia Survivor and Swab the World Founder

My Story

Mai is a 34 year old woman, mother of 4-year old Alice. Mai was diagnosed with leukemia while pregnant with a second child, during a routine blood test in January 2013. A few days following the diagnosis, she had to put an end to the pregnancy in order to start a round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she has relapsed in May 2014. Although born in Canada, Mai is of Vietnamese ethnicity which makes finding a donor very difficult.

Prior to her diagnosis Mai was employed in the media & communications industry for a division of Omnicom Media Group.

She resides in Montreal (Quebec), Canada.


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April 18, 1980

Ethnicity Why does this matter?

One reason: DNA.
The best donors tend to come from the same ethnic gene pool as the patient. It’s actually the only situation in the world where race legitimately matters.






Diagnosis date

6 years, 11 months ago


Acute Myeloid Leukemia