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Oyku Arin Sen

Oyku Arin Sen is a 3.5 year-old lovely, sweet girl urgently needing stem cell transplant to cure her leukemia!

My Story

The total number of stem cell donations is 246.674 from a population of 80 million Turkey. The number in Aegean Region itself is 34.754. It is so low.

Patient looking for a stem cell transplant do not look only into their country’s blood bank, they also look into other countries’ blood banks. Particularly in Germany, Greece, USA, Cyprus, and Israel. People may become a hope to a patient looking for a stem cell transplant. Also to Oyku Arin!

Hence, we ask you to join our blood drive campaign that is run for Oyku Arin, by going to your own country’s blood bank and be a donor.

You can be a hope for someone in a life threatening, Because we are all humans living in a big family.

Blood donation is the only noncommercial thing in medical field.

People give blood to others without any monetary expectations to live, and to let live.

In Turkey, the demand for blood donation is 2.700.00 per unit. The total donation number is 2.141.765. We have to achieve this level of success with stem cell donation too.

Oyku Arin teaches us the main values of being human and living together. To Donate! To donate without expectation, without hesitation. To live, and to let live.

Everybody who wants to be a stem cell donor must go to the blood bank and give one tube of blood.

That’s all it takes!

Thank you Oyku Arin!

Viva Oyku Arin!



  • Oyku Arin Sen posted an update December 12, 2018

    Become a stem cell donor!


    Give hope to Oyku Arin and all kids fighting with leukemia…


    Thank you very much everybody from the bottom of our hearts…

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March 19, 2015

Ethnicity Why does this matter?

One reason: DNA.
The best donors tend to come from the same ethnic gene pool as the patient. It’s actually the only situation in the world where race legitimately matters.




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1 year ago