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Being diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia made me really wonder where it came from, why me.  I worked so hard to keep myself fit and strong.  The ripple affects of living with an illness left me to spiral ultimately to receive a stem cell transplant…I had no choice.

Years ago, finding a perfect match in the world bank was almost non-existent but today there is better hope.  My story goes back to 2005 where a weakness came about me and found myself at a hospital emergency ward, fever, paleness and with a severe anemia that left me to receive blood and platelet transfusions almost daily.  I was transferred to the good people at Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, Canada where I was left under the care of a dream team of doctors who specialized in this field.  It was then when I was first diagnosed with aplastic anemia.  Being in denial, I chose to opt out of a bone marrow transplant in thinking my immune system would repair itself eventually, I was wrong.  Over the course of 9 years and a few relapses from an immune suppressant drug therapy my aplastic anemia progressed into a myelodysplastic syndrome diagnosis, I had no choice but to undergo a transplant.

None of my family members had a compatible match so it was left up to the rest of the world to save me.  They found one!!!  A perfect match, an amazing man from the Salt Lake City, USA – Joseph Hackett.  No words to say when someone gives you life again but thank you my blood brother.  You helped me to spiral back up again.


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August 4, 1968





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14 years, 7 months ago

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Aplastic Anemia