Just your ordinary lifesaving conferences
Eye-opening presentations

We offer SwabTalks wherever you want to host them. Companies embracing workplace diversity, schools and universities, public organizations: we’re there.

Touching, impactful and funny

Treat your people to a lifesaving conference

By inviting Swab The World to speak at your organization, you’ll make a real, measurable impact on patients’ lives. Our two engaging co-founders bring a compelling mix of facts and candid experience to the table, making sure everyone leaves well-informed about the easy stem cell donation process.

  • Learn about an easy way to save a life
  • Raise awareness about stem cell donation
  • Help shatter myths around stem cell and bone marrow donation
  • Make it easy for people to become donors with an on-site buccal swab
  • Walk the talk: All organizations say diversity matters. Having us over is proof that your business genuinely cares about employees hailing from diverse communities.

Easy peasy, you’ll see


In exchange for a tax-deductible donation, we come to your office and guarantee that you and your employees have an informative, fun and interactive experience. Why a donation? Because it fuels our donor recruitment and educational efforts. Your donation has a direct impact on donor registration and helps us broaden our scope of action.

We adapt to your organization’s reality and build a curated SwabTalk to reflect your values. We do SwabTalks in both French and English, so you decide what works best for your team.


Invite us over and make a real difference.