How much do you know about stem cell donation?

february 9, 2021

Beatrice Sotrea & Savannah Gorenko-Lévêque

Question 1

How can you save a life?

A. Being a doctor

B. Registering as a stem cell donor

C. Being a firefighter

D. All of the above


The answer is all of these! In fact, if you're a registered stem cell donor, there’s a 1-800 chance that you’ll donate stem cells and potentially save someone's life!

Question 2

How do you register to be a stem cell donor?

A. Signing up on Swab The World's website and ordering your swab kit online

B. Donating blood

C. You do not need to register, all residents of Quebec are automatically donors


The answer is A. You can find your local registry on Swab The World's website, sign up, and order your swab kit online. Voilà! This is the first step to saving a life, check ✓.

Question 3

How many episodes of Game of Thrones do you have time to watch during the peripheral stem cell donation?

A. 1

B. 12

C. 5


The answer is C. The process lasts for 3 to 5 hours, and you stay seated for the entire process. Order some pizza, invite some friends (not during the COVID-19 pandemic of course), sit back, and relax!

Question 4

What does a stem cell transplant smell like?

A. Grapes

B. Corn

C. Vegetable soup

D. Raw meat


The answer is B. Yup, as funny as it seems, a stem cell transplant smells like corn!

Question 5

Which one hurts more?

A. Swabbing

B. Getting a popcorn kernel stuck in between your teeth

C. Burning your tongue on the hot chocolate in a styrofoam cup your third grade teacher gave you


Let’s be honest, our tongue has never recovered from third grade. However, swabbing only takes 15-20 seconds of rubbing gently in each corner of your mouth. Definitely acceptable for the faint-hearted.

Question 6

Who has less chance of finding a match?

A. Black patients

B. Hispanic patients

C. White patients


The answer is A. In fact, according to the main stem cell registry in the U.S. (Be The Match), Black patients have a 23% chance of finding a match, and white patients have a 77% chance of finding a match. Talk about injustice…

Question 7

What age is disqualified for being a stem cell donor?

A. 18

B. 35

C. 39

D. 22


The answer is C. To register, a potential donor must be between 18 and 35. Feeling a little old ? Don’t worry. If you can’t swab because of your age, you can still give some blood and make a huge difference!

Question 8

Every X minutes, one American is diagnosed with blood cancer. Which of the following actions represents this amount of time?

A. Dental flossing in the morning

B. Singing Here Comes the Sun in the shower

C. Taking a yoga class

D. Running 5 km at a good pace


The answer is B. Approximately every 3 minutes, one person in the United States is diagnosed with blood cancer…

Question 9

How many stem cell and bone marrow donors are registered worldwide ?

A. 800,000

B. 1,000,000

C. 40,000,000

D. 100,000,000


The answer is C. As of today, there are 38,222,244 registered stem cell and bone marrow donors worldwide. That’s a hell of a lot, but let’s keep this number growing!

Question 10

From which part of the body are stem cells taken during the donation process?

A. Spinal cord

B. Pelvic bone

C. Femur


The answer is B. Stem cells are NOT taken from your spinal cord during the bone marrow donation process. Your spinal cord is completely unaffected when you donate stem cells. Bone marrow is taken from your pelvic bone!

Quiz Results

How many answers did you get correct?

1-3: Amateur... Read some more will ya?

4-6: Honestly, good enough.

7-10: Connaisseur, enough said!

*Don't forget to check out Swab The World or Héma-Québec for more information about becoming a stem cell donor!*

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